I don't think Santa is a healthy or unhealthy thing/belief. I think it just is. The belief that there is a Santa, tooth fairy, Easter bunny, or what have you is just that....a belief. I think that for kids they believe what they're told for the most part and letting them believe in magic and goodness is not only good for them but essential for their development. Why? Because it teaches them to have fun, and to not take things so seriously all the time. Allowing the belief of such things teaches them to stretch their imagination and curiosity and if they stretch their imagination and they broaden their horizons by expanding their reality then infinite things happen. They become curious about the world. They become authors of their own stories that allow for infinite possibilities beyond the scope of our Adult/serious mind set. It doesn't do to have serious children and not let them open their minds and spread their wings, because it makes them grow up to soon and no one should grow up to fast. Not only that but with open minds we as parents allow them to accept the thought of things that we may not understand or believe to be possible. All it takes is one curious mind and one scope of understanding the impossible to help the world and change everything we thought was possible.

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    My husband is a patent examiner, and he tells me, "Do you know how hard it is to prove something isn't true? Almost impossible. I can't prove there's no Santa."

    I'm enjoying so many of your posts today--please keep them coming! :)
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      You said that very well. However, as a mom who doesn't teach my children any of those things, I have to say it hasn't hindered my children's imaginations or ability have fun. They are some of the silliest beings! I believe reading and allowing children the freedom to play at will inspires imaginative play.
        I'm not big on pushing beliefs. Symoni started asking if Santa was real early...about 4ish...i just tell her that he's real if she wants him to be real. That loads of people believe in Santa and its okay if she did to. I also am big on showing her different beliefs around the world and with different religions. Living in the bible belt she gets a lot of Christianity thrown at her at school and by her friends so i counteract by showing her different sides of everything.
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