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I'm a big fan of play and imagination and boredom. I believe that the best games and ideas come from playing, using your imagination and being bored to tears, lol. So television in my house isn't a big's more like a reward or a treat. Good to have sometimes but not a necessary item. My daughter is 7 and still she's not allowed more than 3 hrs of TV a day and most of that she gets on Saturday's for her morning cartoon time and i get some sleep in time. During the week reading, playing and maybe a half hour of television is as good as it gets. Also by television i mean Netflix or dvd's because we don't have cable. I am not a fan of media or commercials and I've noticed with my friends kids that my kid whines for items less when we are at the store because she has never seen these things advertised or heard the jingle that makes the other kids go "hey i need this i saw it on tv!" I've also noticed that when she plays she's not playing "Monster high dolls" like on television or cartoons she's playing a game or making them play a game and not mimicking what she saw on a DVD or a cartoon or commercial. Not only those things but she doesn't ask for TV a whole lot...and even if she's bored she can occupy herself better than my friends kids who have access to television all day and all night.

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    I don't think my daughter watches any shows regularly on TV, but she does keep up with some you tube channels, which to me is no big deal.

    Little Bub has a morning routine before school that includes watching Pokemon before he leaves. It works so well for me because he knows he has to get up, get ready, finish up and homework and eat breakfast before the TV can come on. He HATES missing even a few minutes of Pokemon, haha.

    I will admit it. I use the TV as a reward.
      I think this sounds great again! Do you have any favorite games that you and Symoni play, or that Symoni plays on her own?
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        Over the winter we got off track with TV but are back to limiting it again because there's so much more to do than sit in front of a screen.
          Tish, Me and S'ymoni play a lot of board games like candy land, uno, headbands, lol. When she's by herself she talks to herself often (curse of being an only) and she plays with her monster dolls, or with her cars and trucks or her doll house or all three. She also likes to get books and read them or come read to me if i don't feel well or if she just needs some quiet cuddle time.

          Debi I agree with the boredom breeds creativity. Yes she still has her imaginary sister she plays with, lol. She also talks to her stuffed animals, cars, trucks and other toys. She's a big talker when she's alone and when she's around people...not always but usually.
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          Hello, I'm Emerald, and i have a 7yearold daughter Symoni. (sa mah knee) I am a single parent and we are a bit unconventional because she isn't my biological daughter. I have no biological children thus far but one day hopefully.