Disrespectful teenagers

Do you have a hard time listening to teens be disrespectful to their parents? Do you tend to say something, or do you keep your mouth shut?

I witnessed a Facebook (yes I know, Facebook is the devil) verbal argument between my friend and her daughter. I'll spare the details, but it was so bad on the girls part that I wanted to respond on the thread. I didn't, it's not my business and I felt awkward even reading it. It was HARD not to though when she told her mom "You fail as a parent" and I know this woman busts her butt to provide for her kids.

AHHHH, getting steamed just thinking about it.

Do you guys see this in some teens too?

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      My middle brother and I are very different when it comes to respecting our parents. Mainly, he will back-talk, and I never did. Since we grew up almost identically, I really have to say that his sass came from his personality. It would drive me nuts to hear him do it--in fact, it still does, and I will call his six-foot-three 22-year-old skinny butt on it if I'm there. Respect is for everyone, especially parents.
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        I hate when I see teens are disrespectful to their parents! my parents taught my siblings and I to respect them and their elders. If I or my siblings said anything out of line or totally disrespectful to my parents they would punish us big time. My husband and I teach our children the same thing. I know it will be tough since my oldest son Asher is 13.
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