I'm not a big fan of letting babies cry not even one year old's. If the problem can be solved by picking them up then i will pick them up and hold all day if i need to. Especially newborns to about 12 mos old. After that i may talk as i pick up and hold so that they know i'm worried an concerned and want to know whats wrong. If i figure it out then i tell them whats wrong and its okay. For instance if i had a 6 month old and they were crying and i was in the kitchen and didn't know what they were crying for...i would drop what i was doing go to the child and ask "whats the matter" softly and even though babies cant talk at 6 mos they acknowledge that your talking and will babble an answer. Then if you find out what the problem is like "stuck in a chair" or "frustrated over a toy" then i would say "ooohhhh did that chair get that baby?" "My poor baby that toy is being mean to that baby. Tell that toy No no toy be nice." usually by the time i'm done with my dialog they are not upset anymore and I've fixed the problem and can go back to cooking or whatever i was doing before. By the time they're 2 and talking and are trying to find out why they're crying they will respond appropriately I've also found that being a preschool teacher you can tell which kids actually get talked to, held and comforted verses the ones that just get a "go to your room and cry" or a "your fine stop" from their parents. The ones that dont know why they're crying at 3 and 4 are more apt to not tell you and just keep crying. They are also the ones who throw temper tantrums first. Kids that are coddled a bit and are helped by parents to understand what they're feeling and why will tell you whats wrong usually and when frustrated or faced with something difficult will stop...put it down or walk away...then go back to it later if its an activity or new toy they can't figure out. Other kids who don't know how to handle their frustrations will walk away have a fit or won't try it after the first time.

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    Emerald, this sounds spot on with what how I want to parent, and agrees with much of the research I've been finding too. It sounds like you really know what you are doing! :)
      I'm impressed that you can figure out that a baby is upset with a toy. I do my best with my 14 month old, but I don't always know what's wrong. He is teething so cuddles don't necessarily stop the tears, but I try my best to comfort him knowing that his mouth is bothering him. Other times, he cries because he has hurt me or because I said no. If it's because I said no I tell him that I love him, but we can't always do what we want.

      If he hurts me, it's always an accident. I explain it was just an accident, but we have to be careful when we are playing. I tell him mommy will be ok and usually he calms down.
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        Very good advice. Children learn how to communicate from us and they learn to emulate us too.
          Debi, not just depends on the child. At around 2 I've noticed that they will cry for no reason with their parents or people that they're close too...but at school they don't really. Some of them will make up a reason to cry if they just need the outlet and the cuddles, but generally if they're crying there's a reason.

          Kathy babies and kids get frustrated with toys often. They usually make a whining noise and start slamming the toy down when they for instance can't get a ball out, or stick a square block in a round hole and its stuck, or if they are little and are just learning to grab they make those frustrated whines when they cant reach the toys on their bouncers, floor toys and other things like around your kids age 1-1.5 the noises get louder and will escalate to a scream/cry followed by a thrown toy/game/activity.
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