Where to buy toys not made in China

I think the point of this question is more "Where can I buy toys where I can be comfortable with the safety standards involved in making them?"

Etsy can be a great place to find hand-made or domestically made toys. The great part about Etsy is that you can question the shop owner before making purchases to ensure that you are getting the quality and safety that you expect. I purchased nursing supplies and a nursing necklace from Etsy when my daughter was younger, and I was very happy with the resulting gifts.

Another brand that I like is Green Toys--if you search the internet for this brand, you will find that the toys offered are made in the US using recycled plastics. My daughter's stacking cups and one of her teething rings came from this brand, and they are easily found on Amazon, although we were able to buy her toys in person at our local grocery store.

Finally, I would advise parents simply to do their research. In the age of information, ignorance is not an excuse. Study up on the company and brands that you like, and if you don't like them, try to find others. Keywords in Google returned tons of results. If you prefer to purchase toys in person, try visiting a locally-owned toy store if you can find one, or sometimes even an organic grocer, like Whole Foods. They occasionally stock toys made with safer paints and products.

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    8Theresa Gould
    It's hard to find them but like you said if you do your research you can find them eventually.
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