Sigh, my mom

I posted a few weeks ago that I asked my mom to join She was just here over the past weekend and holiday, and I asked her again, and she replied, "You don't take my advice; why would anyone else?"

My mom says I should wean my daughter off of breastfeeding. I disagree, and my goal is to nurse her until she is at least two.

My mom says I should turn my daughter's car seat around to be front-facing because her legs are scrunched up. I tell her that numerous studies, not to mention our pediatrician, says that car seats should be rear-facing until at least two. She retorts, "You just don't want to do it because I said so."

Upon bringing my newborn home from the hospital, my mom wanted me to literally stick her under the faucet to wash her. I did not trust that my water would stay a constant temperature, so I opted to sponge-bathe her.

My mom swears by washing a baby's behind in the sink after every poo. I prefer wipes, and Maddie does not suffer from any bad reactions from the wipes.

I'm really reaching back to think of every time I have done something different than what she advised...and this is all I come up with. Three are safety-related, one is preference and not harmful, but she obviously takes it very personally! To contrast, my mother-in-law gives advice only when asked, and if she disagrees, I honestly have never heard it from her. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? lol

Has anyone else had to deal with anything like this? I'm nonplussed.

    Wow, Well she's your daughter so you do whats best for her! I am gonna breast feed as long as I can too it's the best for them. For the car seat your right its best to have it rear facing till age 2 for safety. I've had lots of people try to tell me this and that but I do what I know is best too.
      8Theresa Gould
      Sometimes I wondered if my mother was offended by some of my seemingly different choices because they were different (though I've never asked her) but for the most part both moms have been supportive.....just not of our family size. Ha!
        I know exactly how you mom has told everyone I have no maternal instincts but argues with me because she wants me to listen to just her (she doesn't even want me to listen to the doctor because doctors lie). She disagrees about my exclusively breastfeeding and wants me to add cereal in her milk because she thinks the baby is not getting enough food (the baby was born premie and my doctor says she still to young, I have to wait till 6 months). My mother doesn't understand why the baby doesn't poop everyday and acts like it's my fault (I was formula fed and pooped everyday). It's all my fault because I don't listen to her only...unfortunately she doesn't want to hear anyone who tells her that she should let me do what I have sounds to me you are doing fine...
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