Painful ovulation

Is that normal? Or should I be contacting my doctor? Mines so bad. It's to painful to have sex, so sore and uncomfy:/

Nikki Hicks
    8Theresa Gould
    I've heard of people feeling they are ovulating but I haven't heard that it is so painful they cannot function in other capacities. I'd ask your doctor. Are you sure it's ovulation?
    Nikki Hicks
    I'm not 100% sure, I was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 years ago, I was told beginning stages of it and before I could get the procedure done I ended up pregnant with my youngest and when I told my obgyn they told me if I had it I wouldn't have became pregnant which I knew wasn't true Bc my family has a history of it and some bea came infertail and others didn't just endured alota pain, I haven't had that pain since before that pregnancy, I was told pregnancy can sometimes reverse it. I was so worried to not be able to have another child, that we tried the day I was in alota pain. And ended up pregnant doctors said it was Probley ovulation, aside from the soreness and pulling sensation I been having after sex I also have pains in my left side of my abdomen, so I'm not sure how to take this. And I was due to ovulate the 9th through the 11th and that's when the pain was the worst.
      i too agree with the ladies ... because of the endo... you will want to make sure it is not a cyst... they can creep up at the most unopportune time! I am crossing my fingers for you that it IS just painful ovulation! Let us know what the doc says!
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