How long to wait to conceive a second child

I think that is a very personal and individual question. Some may choose to wait a year, others two or three years. Our children are on average 18 months to 2 years apart. The closet being 14.5 months and the longest is 2.5 years or more.

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    Amy Phroper
    Because of fertility issues our kids are 3 years apart. I love the age gap but some say that it's to big of a gap.
      7Malena Hall
      Neither of my second children were planned when they came. Before anyone gets too confused I had 5 children with my ex. I was told I could not get pregnant again and was told I coud NEVER get preganant again. 11 years later me ad my then fiance now dh had our first child.

      With my ex I was still breastfeeding when I learned I was pregnant with number two. They were 2 years 3 months and 3 weeks apart. I lost my second and third child at 2 months and 4 months so the closest sibling he grew up with was just 6 days shy of being 5 years younger than him. With Dh we were suprised my both our boys they are almost 4 years and 2 months apart.
        my husband and I started trying around the time that Flor had turned 2 years old to conceive Isabella it took a while but eventually I got pregnant and now there is a 3year and 5 months difference between them
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