Hair Cut!

Mamas.. when did you babies get their first hair cuts?

Did you cut it?

Did you go somewhere?

How did they do?

Monroe won't need a hair cut for awhile.. but you better believe I won't let the back turn into a mini mullet! hahaha

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          Britt D-Z
          I cut all three of my babies hair myself. They all did great. My youngest at first didnt understand the scissors but daddy sacrificed his locks for love to show him what was going to happen. My middle was all for the trim, she loved it, and she must have loved it so much that this year she cut it all off when daddy left the hair scissors out in the bathroom, i thought her hair was falling out. My oldest got a fauhawk cut, which i did, and he loves having me cut his hair still. :) I only had to go somewhere when my daughter cut her own hair off, so they could make it look on purpose. :)
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