..choose what is comfortable to you!

I would say you need to do your research here.. you need to sort out whether you like the "carrier" feel or the "wrap" type.. they are very different and sometimes serve different functions.. some are easier to put on than others.. some can do different positions.. But what you can do is go to a baby store and try some out! Chat with other Moms about what one they use/like and why.. then match one to your own lifestyle.. just remember what works for one Mom and babe might not work for you!

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      This is so true! i tried many things at many different stages to find what i liked... People kept telling me that the hip carrier was great for toddlers but it just didn't work for me. I liked the sling when babies were little then graduated to my ergo when they got older... i never liked the ergo for little babes because of the leg placement.
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