..baby sleep positions!

Mamas.. do you/did you find your babies sleep in funny, weird, unusual sleep positions in their cribs when you would check on them? My husband and I get such a kick out of checking on Monroe and seeing how he is sleeping.. it can totally range from..

- on his side, with his sweet little hands tucked under his face
- on his back, hands behind head and legs spread eagle
- on his back with his legs tucked up like he's still in the womb!
- sideways in the crib and smashed against the side

Honestly.. it's quite comical.. but we do check on him often to make sure he is okay.. whenever he gets "stuck" he typically cries a bit or whines and we go help him.. since he's currently in his pack n play crib and not his bigger crib.

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      I was often too exhausted to watch sleep positions... when I had to get up in the middle of the night to nurse I would sneak a quick glance before feeding and yes there were some funny positions! Sometimes baby would be completely turned around in the bassinet which always shocked me!
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