Virtual Girlfriends!

Mamas.. just like on here, at where we meet the most amazing Mamas that quickly become friends.. do you have other virtual Mama or girlfriends that you have met and confide in? That you have chatted with for awhile and honestly consider dear friends? Maybe from the blogging world or online work? Sometimes the people online come to know you better and judge you less than those in real life.. am I right?

Anyways.. I have made so many sweet "online" friends and I honestly thank my stars that I live in this day and age.. I have dear friends all over the WORLD.. so lucky! What about you?

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    No Debi, actually i been in two more site that are completely different, in one of those is for latin moms speaking spanish, i had a weird experience with that site because recently i post there that i found a page that i like it more, and i recomended for any other mom that would like to part of,... Then i recibe a message from the administrador of the site, saying that im not available to use the site for bussiness purposes, and... I was like...wt... And i get upset because maybe there are others moms that would like to be in this site, that is muchh better ... Finally i decided cancel my account grrrrr
      Amanda Hurley
      I now have two dear moms I talk to online. Both of them have bays with Connor's rare condition. One of them had her baby pass away when he was 10 months old, the other's boy is 1 now. It's nice to be able to rant medical terminology and have them understand.
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