I confess!

I did it. FINE I ADMIT IT! lol I never ever thought I would do it.. and this morning I did...

The house is clean, the dogs didn't feel like going out to play, the pots I've been working on were drying.. nothing on tv.. didn't feel like being online...

It was 9am.. I woke Charlie up. On purpose.. just to have someone to hang out with..

HAH! Have you ever done it? The bf looked at me like I was insane when I told him..lol

    I can in all honesty say that I have NEVER done that!! A sleeping baby is sacred to me :-)
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        i have not done that... but I can see how you might. But i always needed the babies asleep to accomplish stuff around the house and it never seems to ever get done! Kudos to you to getting everything finished!
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