freezer meals?

I am going to be honest now that I have went back to work (I work at store) and my husband is now working full time again dinner has been a nightmare! So I have used my slow cooker every day for like 2 weeks now.... plus we have no AC and its hot so we don't want to turn on the stove! I have been using a couple of hours on my day off and preparing all different kinds of things of soups, chicken dishes, etc. that i can put in a bag freeze. Then I take out before I go to bed put in the fridge to defrost and toss in the crock pot and leave a note for hubby telling him what time it will be ready by (hes home all day even though he works, he works from home) So whats you guys favorite freezable meals? I actually have a freezable casserole of shepherds pie for hubby to toss in the oven for an hour tomorrow. I got to admit I should have done this sooner I really only cook once every couple of weeks (the days I prepare the meals) plus soups and things like that always make great leftovers to stick in my thermos to eat at work :)

    Freezer meals are the best! i went to a party where we all made freezer meals to store in the freezer. It was so nice just to be able to go to the freezer each evening and have a planned meal! I need to do this more often
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