Swimming and goggles!

My children are going to take swimming lessons at the YMCA this summer in lieu of the beach . I hope they let my children swim with goggles at the YMCA. My children like to swim with goggles... no harm right? well last year we took swimming lessons at the beach and the instructors were constantly telling the children to take off their goggles. I honestly cannot see any reason why they could not use their goggle??? What do you think?

    I thought about having my girls take swimming lessons. Especially my 3yo. They both love the water, but I've tried teaching my oldest and she freaks out every time when I do it by myself. My youngest has had better luck with it. But, the first time my youngest swam it was in a pool, while my oldest first swam in the ocean.
    They should let them wear goggles. I don't see why not. They encourage wearing goggles here, so chlorine doesn't get in their eyes.
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