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I can't stand being in a store and hearing a baby screaming from that.. We will see what happens with our girls.. My husband has a scar tissue issue- his scar tissue will double over as it heals leaving a huge bump. I kept having mine repierced and finally gave up. If they don't re grow shut, I can't wear any less than 24K solid or I break out.... So the girls might never get them pierced. At any rate, I had to wait until I was old enough to take care of them and earn the money to pay for it.

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    I was not ok with it. I talked my mom into letting me get them three years earlier (10 yrs) than my sister did (13 years). Needless to say my sister was mad about that. I was excited the first time... then they got infected and it took three more times for us to realize I needed expensive studs to keep the infection away.. I think I've had both holes pierced six different times in 10 years.. I gave up after awhile lol.
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