I hated my experience with my OBgyn while I was pregnant

This was my first pregnancy with Seth every Dr's appt I would go in we would listen to the heart beat, the Dr would ask if I wanted the flu shot and/or whooping cough vaccine, blood tests for diseases, and then ask me if I had any questions and then send me to the hospital for testing or ultrasound. Our visits were always around 10 mins. I always saw a different one out of three. I would go home feeling cheated. I didn't know what to ask.... the book I read said prepare a list of questions for your Dr before every visit but I couldn't think of anything that would be coming up to ask because it was my first time and I didn't know what was coming. The book was what to expect when your expecting but it seems like the title wasn't really covered. Lol. I did ask my doctor if it was ok to drive 10 hours from my home at 7,000 to my new home in Oregon at sea level when I was 34.5 weeks pregnant. He said it would be fine. Now I'm thinking that no he was wrong to tell me that it was fine since I had my baby premature at 5 weeks and 3days early. Only 2 weeks after that big trip and the Dr's here couldn't figure out why.
So all of my information came from the Internet because I wasn't at the Drs when serious questions came up. For instance is this Braxton hicks or labor?
Well it was labor
And I didn't know because it was my first time.
And I got to the hospital after 24 hours of pain. Only 1 cm dialated, but I was early.
So since I waited to go to the hospital until I saw "the bloody show" the mess that stop labor didn't work. ......
So yeah, I feel cheated that my Drs didn't tell me what to expect.
I know they knew I was a first timer.
And pooor. I couldn't afford baby classes. Ugh. The whole subject makes me sick to my stomach. Hate is not a good feeling.

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        Yeah I am not sure if it was my delivery doctors policy to not follow my birth plan or if it was because I was 5.5 weeks early, but I will be asking her when I get pregnant again if she can commit to following a birth plan, but she definitely seemed to care more. Fingers crossed.

        Also I originally wanted a midwife but didn't have the money. Maybe I will have it this time, and can have the home birth I dreamt of.
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