I hated my experience with my OBgyn while I was pregnant

This was my first pregnancy with Seth every Dr's appt I would go in we would listen to the heart beat, the Dr would ask if I wanted the flu shot and/or whooping cough vaccine, blood tests for diseases, and then ask me if I had any questions and then send me to the hospital for testing or ultrasound. Our visits were always around 10 mins. I always saw a different one out of three. I would go home feeling cheated. I didn't know what to ask.... the book I read said prepare a list of questions for your Dr before every visit but I couldn't think of anything that would be coming up to ask because it was my first time and I didn't know what was coming. The book was what to expect when your expecting but it seems like the title wasn't really covered. Lol. I did ask my doctor if it was ok to drive 10 hours from my home at 7,000 to my new home in Oregon at sea level when I was 34.5 weeks pregnant. He said it would be fine. Now I'm thinking that no he was wrong to tell me that it was fine since I had my baby premature at 5 weeks and 3days early. Only 2 weeks after that big trip and the Dr's here couldn't figure out why.
So all of my information came from the Internet because I wasn't at the Drs when serious questions came up. For instance is this Braxton hicks or labor?
Well it was labor
And I didn't know because it was my first time.
And I got to the hospital after 24 hours of pain. Only 1 cm dialated, but I was early.
So since I waited to go to the hospital until I saw "the bloody show" the mess that stop labor didn't work. ......
So yeah, I feel cheated that my Drs didn't tell me what to expect.
I know they knew I was a first timer.
And pooor. I couldn't afford baby classes. Ugh. The whole subject makes me sick to my stomach. Hate is not a good feeling.

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        I was lucky.. My first OB GYNs were awesome. My midwife I saw during my last pregnancy was awesome. My problems came in labor when my awesome docs and midwife were not on call-or even in town in some cases so weren't able to be called. :/ My first appointment this last pregnancy I had a two page list of things to discuss with the midwife and if I didn't like her answers I would have found someone else. Most of it centered around the birth and hospital policies.. I never took birth classes either.
          Yeah I am not sure if it was my delivery doctors policy to not follow my birth plan or if it was because I was 5.5 weeks early, but I will be asking her when I get pregnant again if she can commit to following a birth plan, but she definitely seemed to care more. Fingers crossed.

          Also I originally wanted a midwife but didn't have the money. Maybe I will have it this time, and can have the home birth I dreamt of.
          Check to see what your insurance covers. Our doesn't cover at home births or out of hospital midwives, but it does cover in hospital midwives.. It was an ok compromise this time.
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