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I had a store bought baby carrier with my oldest. My second I had a ring sling which he hated. My last two I have had two homemade mobi style wraps. I much prefer the wraps, it's easier on my back bad back and small frame. It's comfortable for me and I feel like baby is more supported in this. I still have the ring sling which I nurse her in if I can't sit down and she can't wait to eat.

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    I do that, too. I can't baby wear them much past six or seven months for long because of my back. But I sure do look funny pushing 100+ lbs of kids and stroller and sometimes groceries plus carrying 15 lbs of baby in a wrap. :) I told my 4 year old as soon as it gets warm enough the baby can ride without being cold, he loses his seat in the stroller.
      I do admit I haven't tried many store bought ones. I did have an old one (my mom used it with me in the '80s) with my son for a bit, but it didn't distribute the weight well and hurt my back. I don't always get Grace in the wrap right and she wiggles around and makes me worry about her head flopping around so I'm usually holding her head if I'm moving a lot. When her neck gets stronger I'll turn her around so she can see. The homemade moby only cost me $10. My sis spent $20-$30 on five yards of material at a store and was able to get 3 out of it.. so I paid her for the portion used on mine.
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