im in sheer disgust for this girl i understand certian things can make a person do this but seems like she only got pregnant to kill the baby…

has any one else seen this sick women video

    I don't agree with it either... but I'm not sure that she got pregnant just to film her abortion. It's possible, but I hope that wasn't the case. Abortion can become a heated topic pretty quickly and while I can appreciate her trying to lessen the fear of an abortion, I don't think a contest (which is why she filmed this) is the appropriate way to educate people about something so serious.
      i may be young mom but i have to say teenagers act as abortion is a hobby or the answer to thing i have a friend well not my friend anymore for this exact reason she had told me how much she wanted this baby and how she wanted nothing more to be a mommy and was like im connecting with him/her and then a few days later after telling her mom she went and got an abortion per request of her boyfriend who told her before she got pregnant that he wanted to make a baby with her because he was high and then days later when it became reality he told her to get an abortion because he cant own up to his mistakes and he told her it wasnt his and i know for a fact she wasnt cheating on him. but any ways she had a abortion from planned parent hood she was 7-8 weeks and she got really sick then was hospitalized for having particles of the baby left in her and she showed no remorse or anything i think that teen pregnancy is repulsive i was 19 out on my own and with a job car and everything i needed was done. but i think that we need to enforce birth control in young girls and boys so this kind of thing stops being a everyday thing
      I was 16, I am only pro life, and I knew what I was going to do. I am still with her father, have been for the past 3 years, and she's only going to be 2. I do think girls should go on birth control or know what happens when you have sex; you make a baby. I don't think they should run to the option of abortion. If you are mature enough to have sex without any protection or no birth control, you are mature enough to own up to what you did. I don't think a lot of girls who are young and want a baby understand it is not a doll, it a living person you made and depends on you for everything.
      well most girls from my home town i know one who was older than you who had her baby and left her child to go to philly on mothers day to go be a druggy with her ten millionth bf i hate seeing girls who put their for the moment sexual partner before their children i will give it to some moms like you my mom was 17 when she had me so i didnt mean to offend if i did. i know alot of girls who just use their babies ffor the attention and once the attention stops they ditch their children
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