My perfect 9 year old son is getting gross.

My sweet boy.. where IS HE??? My son is 9 and going through that icky kid phase... he seems to get a finger up in his nose, there's a booger on a wall sometimes, he smacks his lips, scratches himself, makes fart jokes ALL the time, forgets everything...

he would rather die than get up and get himself water...

And my kid is clean... lol... Oh man.. Is he gonna get BO? I don't want to climb all over him.. he can't help most of it.. he's a dude now.. But.. I will remind him of the many things...

    8Theresa Gould
    I hate using this line, but he sounds like a boy. I think as mothers we are always going to be "constantly reminding", it's just part of our job sound like a broken record. lol.
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