Cause of febrile seizure

There's no specific temperature that causes a febrile seizure. Rather, it's a drastic change in temperature. It could be a normal temperature suddenly spiking to a low fever (101) or it could be a fever suddenly going away that could cause them. In general, if your child has one febrile seizure doctors will tell you not to worry but to be sure you are keeping them hydrated and are watching over them (call your doctor anyway though, I am NOT a medical professional). If a child has a second febrile seizure, it is usually suggested to take them to the ER to find out what is causing the drastic temperature changes.

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    4Santana Ferrell
    OMG my daughter (who is now 6) was 14 months old when she had one. Scared the living daylights out of me. they said since she has had one she can have another but doesnt mean she will.
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      4Santana Ferrell
      It is a scary situation
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