It's fixed! Or is it?

So you remember me talking about my daughter breaking a lunchbox​ recently, right? Well she's stopped getting in peoples personal space all the time but now she's pulling this thing where she bites my son and says he did it to himself. I finally was able to see some teeth marks and there's more teeth there than what my son has in his mouth so she had to confess. Ugh! Why can't she just be my perfect angel everyday like she used to be before she could talk back, bite people, and destroy property?!

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      We've been looking into some sports for her. We're thinking martial arts will help teach her discipline. she's done ballet and she seemed pretty into it most of the day, dancing around the house like a ballerina princess, as she called it. Maybe that will help calm her down. Everything is so expensive though!
        8Theresa Gould
        Honestly, who knows why some children do what they do. We have one son when he gets bored he bugs his siblings. I usually opt to give him more work if he's that bored and cannot find something useful to do. But Mara's idea of a sports activity to get the excess energy out seems like a good one.
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