So....I've been debating for some time now as to whether I want more children. All 4 of mine have been CS. I have found a midwife, who is also now a close friend, in my new area that is more than willing to help me have a natural birth should we decide for more. Just yesterday the hubby mentioned "if we have more". Im just petrified of having another CS and I feel like maybe it would be selfish to want another baby just for the birthing experience I want....don't get me wrong I would be ecstatic to get pregnant and have another child no matter what delivery method but I'm over 30 now and my youngest will be 2 in October so I'm wondering should we??? or should we be grateful for what we have.....and if a surprise baby happens then great but maybe we shouldn't try for more??? IDK. Sorry for the rant. Its been on my mind a while

4Ariel LaCosteCanyon, Texas
    I'm sure this is something you've discussed with your midwife, but if you don't want another CS, I would suggest taking a good hard look at what led to the others and deciding what your chances are for a successful VBAC. If a happy surprise happens, awesome - but I would think long and hard about your delivery options before getting pregnant if you are uncertain.
      8Theresa Gould
      If your midwife is capable and knowledgeable, then she will do her very best to help you have a VBAC. I understand your fears but I wouldn't let your fear of a CS prevent you from having another child unless you had complications to indicate you were not physically capable of another birth. I'm proud you have a husband who is willing to say, "If" they are a rare find, hope you know that! :)
        4Ariel LaCoste
        thank you ladies! It's great to get such kind loving support :-)
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