Is broccoli ok for babies aged 4+ months?

It is recommended that solids not be introduced to a babies diet until 6+ months of age. Allowing that extra time will ensure that your little ones digestive organs are ready for such foods.

At 6 months, broccoli is plenty safe. It can be a gassy food though, so start out small and obey the 4 day rule to ensure that allergic reactions aren't an issue.

Placing a bit of ginger in the pot while boiling will cut down on the gas issue that broccoli can sometimes give.

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    I had no idea about the ginger! Thanks for that tip!! Hayden loves chomping on broccoli! It is one of her (and Mason's) favorite foods!
      8Theresa Gould
      I didn't know placing ginger in with broccoli cut down on gas. Good to know! I just bought actual ginger root for the first time. I want to try planting a bit of it, bake with it and use it for medicinal purposes.
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