Mommy Melt Down

The other day I went shopping... :( NOTHING fit!!! it was the worst experience ever. I even tried on bra's and they didn't fit. everything was to big didn't fit right or just didn't look good. My tummy is soooo flabby and full of stretch marks and my boobs are so saggy that they don't even fit in to a bra correctly anymore and went down at least a whole cup size... It was/is so depressing I cried in the dressing room. I even tried on one of those maxi dresses that my fiends wear and look so cute in and it looked horrible on me... :( It was such a depressing day... Yeah I can fit in to my old jean and they are even to big but I can't find any shirts that fit me right and I couldn't even find a push up bra that would work for me... :(
After I got home I went to my closet and just cried as I was packing for our trip because I didn't have any shirts to wear... :(

Do any other momma's have this issues? Does anything ever go back to "normal" ??

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      Yeah, I struggle with that too. Mine is weird because all my "baby" fat went straight to one place: my stomach! Now, when I try to fit into stuff, it's weird because clothes fit everywhere else, except for my tummy area. And my boobs are crazy sizes too. So it's been a struggle but I just keep searching and when I do find something that fits, I buy as much of the same thing as I can lol. At least then, I'll have more than one. Especially bras. Keep your head up! You'll find something :-)
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