Beware Bluum

I signed up for their 12 month monthly box, and it says 19.86/month. Under that in tiny writing is says 249.99 total. So I signed up. Next day my hubs and I go to the store for groceries, and our cards were declined. Turns out Bluum charged me for the whole year! I emailed, called, messaged...never got any answer. They have no way on their site to cancel, or stop an order. I finally had to go through my bank to get our money back. Then, after a week Bluum contacts me and says the are giving me a portion of my money back and keeping my subscription. I replied with I didn't want any subscription since they had already been sneaky, and to give me the rest of my money. Thankfully they did, but it didn't change the fact we had to wait for almost a month before we could get our groceries. So I say again, beware.

    Oh goodness. I guess they charge the entire year instead of monthly?!? YIKES! Good to know, thanks for the tip Samantha!
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