Small bellies are usually okay

Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. I had a very small belly while pregnant with Avery. I didn't wear any maternity clothes until I was 6-7months pregnant. Even then it was just my pants. I didn't need maternity shirts until I was 8 months along!

If it's your first baby your belly can be smaller because your stomach hasn't ever been stretched out before. Also, having a very strong core can kind of hold the baby in tighter. So if you're very fit then you could have a small bump. On the other end, it can take longer for curvy women to show because the baby has to be bigger in order to start popping out.

If your doctor says that your weight and growth are on track, don't worry about a small bump.

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    Exactly! Every baby carries differently too. With my son, I was huge but the girls I stayed pretty small - with Hayden I even continued wearing my regular jeans and just left them unbuttoned (if my maternity jeans were dirty or something)
      8Theresa Gould
      I didn't have to worry about a small belly because I had a huge belly for my huge babies.
        Taylor I have to agree... as long as the doc is saying that your growth is ok then do not worry... although if he is saying to gain some weight then i would heed the advice because remember you are trying to nourish the wee one inside!
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