here comes honey boo boo

what do you all think about this show, i aint one to judge people on their way of life, but im speechless on many levels after watching my first episode, which made me think and wonder how much of this show is reality and how much is an act?

Im assuming most is an act, i mean how else do you keep a reality show entertaining? i found my children really intrested in the show, so i allowed them to watch it with me, they were laughing and loving the show, but i didnt relize how outta hand the children act on the show, afterwards my children began wrestling and bein disrespectful to one another, not long bc i straightened them out quickly, so surprisingly i didnt expect that reaction, so this show will no longer be watched in our household.

Nikki Hicks
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    Nikki Hicks
    i had heard about it, but it never intrested me either, came acrossed it today and figured why not check it out, i was surprised. lol
      We don't have cable and it's posts like these that just remind me how thankful I am we got rid of it!! Never seen so much as a commercial for it (though I do know what you're talking about thanks to tabloids at the grocery store). It is insane how quickly kids are changed by TV and the things we expose them to.
        I watched it until we got rid of cable. It's like a bad accident. You just can't stop watching it. In the beginning I don't think much was staged, but now that I don't watch it I'm not sure. I honestly think that's really how they ARE and they don't care what anyone thinks about it.

        Personally... I'm glad my family is nowhere NEAR that "redneck." Don't get me wrong, my husbands family is redneck/hillbillyed out, but definitely not like they are. lol
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