Birthday Planning Already!?

Zavier is 6 months old and I am sad because I am already planning his first Birthday, Is that crazy or what? The only reason I am starting now is because I need to rent things and you have to do that way in advanced around a small town. How long did it take you to plan a first birthday? ​What was the theme? I am doing a carnival theme for him, with lots of games, bounce houses, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine. I am going all out you could say. You think I should though right? I do own my own Party Planning its only right his parties are the best?! I think also it will help boost my business because I am inviting everyone with kids his age or a few years older, even if we are not close to them. I can use the party for both right? or is that a bad idea?

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    8Theresa Gould
    It sounds like a great idea if you are using it to feature your party planning skills for your business.

    At our house we like to keep things simple and inexpensive.
      Honestly.. I say less is more.. I realize you are a party planner... but it's about celebrating this sweet little life with the peeps you love the most.. not about bounce houses and decor.. I've never been a fan of huge parties.. I think the ones kids remember the most (even tho he will be 1 and cannot) and when you have those you love around and just enjoy the time together.. just my two cents.. I think in a world of Pinterest priorities start shifting..
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