Father's Day Ideas

So I know we JUST finished mother's day but my hubby did such a great job that I feel like I have a tough act to follow. Avery was only a few days old for fathers day last year so we didn't do much. This year I really want to make it special for him, but we don't have much money.

Can you guys share some ideas to make father's day special?

    Last year I went to a craft store and got the letters D and A. I had the kids hold them and took pictures of them with the letters, printed them out and put them in a frame to spell DAD. I think total cost was like $6?? It was cheap and made a great gift!
      I was thinking of ordering a picture of Selena on a coffee mug or something. I wanna do something special, it'll be my hunny's first fathers day.
        My husband thinks T's head is large and lumpy...and ok it is! Lol so forth the first Father's Day I traced T's head and framed it for my husband and I think we are going to do the same every year...the noggin life of T! Haha we have last years hanging in the lion groom :-)
          ask him what he really wants and have him give u the money and u go and buy him that one thing....that's what im going to do with my husband. my husband wants this cologne and so im going to have him give me the money and im going to go buy it for him for Father's Day
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