First sonograms

Usually you won't go see your doctor until you're at least 8 weeks along and they'll do a sonogram then. I had mine done at 7 weeks because of my history of miscarriage.

They basically just look to see how far along you are and to see the heart beat. You usually can't hear the heartbeat until about 10 weeks.

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    My first sonogram with Mason was at 12 weeks and I felt like it was FOREVER to wait for!!! The girls I think were closer to 8ish weeks.
      8Theresa Gould
      I didn't have a sonogram until 20 weeks with my first. Then I had a loss and I think that's when they might have done an early ultrasound. I cannot remember for sure though. It might have just been 20 weeks for all five of my hospital births. I'd have to read my pregnancy journals to find out for sure.
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