Work at home moms, what do you do?

I work as an part-time accountant (remote) since 2011. But I'm looking for something more. I need more money. I also have a Bachelor and a Master's Degree in Accounting and Finance Management. But I can't find a full time opportunity and make enough money to pay my bills and an a daycare. I do a lot of research online for another online job but a lot of them are scams.

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    I always see work for accountants and bookkeepers, have you tried Craigslist for your local area? (you have to pay for viewing the listings).

    I'm a blogger/virtual assistant/content writer, plus I have two early morning paper routes. I find I have to diversify and not have all my eggs in one basket so if one thing ends I still have work.
      It can be challenging to find an online job that isn't a scam. I know I've been very blessed to have found work that I can do from home doing social media for a few great companies.

      Would you be able to do a call center type job, or are you looking for something strictly online?
      I'm looking to make an extra money. It could be online or not. I'm working online now but is just a part-time. On the other hand I have the benefit to stay at home with the baby so, I don't need to pay for a day care.
      Yes, Melissa I really like an opportunity like that. The problem is that they required previous teaching experience. But I'm still looking.
        This January i started with a great company. Looking to generate monthly income. BUT, what i would like to do is first help moms(households) save on their utility bills by getting a low rate, then thru referral work on getting it for Free. This entire Program is free. If it cuts a bill then that is extra money to use for something else. I am looking at FREE and what it can do for others, but there is more. I want to create a chain that will help everyone, i think about those who have limited income, disabled or seniors who need air conditioning but the electric bill may be high, want can they do! So the FREE energy reduced program is a win win.
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