3 Week old congested

If your 3 week old baby is congested, there isn't much you can do to help her/him. No cough/cold medicines are safe at that age. The best you can do is try to reduce the symptoms as much as possible. Try to keep them elevated and upright so they have a chance to drain - we had great success with putting a pillow under their mattress to put it on a small incline. Putting a humidifier in their room or sitting in the bathroom with them while hot water is running and creating steam can also help. You can also use a nasal aspirator to help clear out some of the mucous. I have used a Nosefrieda, and have heard great things about Clearrinse, but haven't used it myself yet.

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    We'd fall asleep with them on our chests with them upright. We didn't have essential oils until the last two babies but we could use Raven, R.C., Peppermint, Breathe Again and Thieves on their big toes safely and it helped.
      I never used anything on such a wee babe but a bulb syringe and sitting in a steamy bathroom. i have never heard of Nosefrieda or Clearrinse... are they salines?
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