everyone is diffrent(:

my 1st, ( no joke) i pushed for only 14 minutes and she was in my arms(: my second i pushed for 54 minutes and 3rd i pushed for 35 minutes !

Nikki Hicks
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    I've got ya beat! I didn't push at all with any of my 3 ;) (I had an emergency c-section with Mason, and 2 repeat sections) Sounds like you were very lucky with 3 pretty quick deliveries!
      8Theresa Gould
      My first was nearly an hour, my second not nearly as long, my third I was only at the hospital an hour and she came, my fourth wasn't very long, my fifth one push, my sixth 20-30 minutes maybe?, same with my seventh who was unassisted and my last was an hour and shouldn't have been but I blame the interference and constant checks from my midwife's assistant that hindered my progress. I labor so much better on my own.
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