strippers/dancers (Rant/vent)

i know quite a few personally and the one thing that drives me crazy, is hearing "what makes me any diffrent than any other women, when it comes to dating" lord have mercy! a giant diffrence! chances are when you are in a relationship you dont want you SO dancing around naked in front of strangers, let alone knowing that you are touching and seducing men, some men deal with that and find it okay, others not soo much, why is that so hard to belive?? i mean nothing against stripping its another job, and no i dont think bein one means your a bad person like i said i know plently! but i jsut dont understand whats is up with the pity shows!!! -end vent-

Nikki Hicks
    8Theresa Gould
    So they say this when they are not getting dates? Hmmm....yeah there is a difference in their vocation and I can understand why men would have issues. I don't know of any personally, that I know of anyways.
      Totally agree, I don't have any problem with people that choose to do that for a living, but I think they need to realize that their job could lead to problems in a relationship. There certainly would need to be a level of trust that isn't quite as necessary in relationships where nobody gets naked for a living
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