I was a lucky one..

I was in labor for almost 15 hours, but the contractions came on really fast and quick.. But I was very lucky and only had to push for maybe 5 minutes or so. However, during my labor my contractions were right on top of each other the whole time, and I was loosing oxygen. So with the bad comes the good... Funny enough, the nurse was telling me to do practice pushes until the doctor arrived, and that is when the nurse called for the doctor to rush because my son was all ready to arrive. The nurse was holding him and telling me to try and not push until the doctor got there. Luckily, my doctor got to me in time because within just a few minutes Hunter arrived. I know my experience is not a normal one, and for that I am lucky.

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    Sounds like a very eventful delivery! I'm glad you didn't have to push for very long.
      8Theresa Gould
      With my fifth, I wanted to push but the nurse didn't want me to until the doctor got there. Once the doctor got there she was barely settled and I gave one push and my son flew out. My husband said it caught the doctor off guard. ;0
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