Do you drink milk?

I drink a TON of milk - it's one of my go to drinks. Many people I know think that's crazy though and haven't drank milk on a regular basis since they were children. The kids and I can go through a gallon of milk every couple days without a problem.

Do you drink milk regularly?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    8Theresa Gould
    I don't drink it a lot, even though we get 2-3 gallons of it from Miss Moo. Surprising, isn't it? I get it in other ways, like, yogurt that we make, which we are trying to do daily and pancakes and waffles, as our homemade batch takes nearly a gallon of milk.
    You have a cow?!?!?!? I'm so jealous!!!
      I drink a ton of milk. When I was pregnant I was drinking about half a gallon a day. When I am breastfeeding I drink about a gallon over a three day period. I love milk and I always have. It was so sad during my last pregnancy when I developed pregnancy induced lactose intolerance but luckily it went away.
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