Hi Moms!

It's been a few days since I have been on, I just wanted to say hi and I hope everyone is doing well!

    8Theresa Gould
    Hi Heather! How are you? I've been busy and trying to catch up on sleep. We are so behind in getting our garden in. :(
      This week has been crazy! My sister in law is graduating today so we been trying to get everything together for that. We are still trying to conceive but won't know anything till next month. Fingers crossed! Other than that everything is great! :)
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      I'm 21, I married my best friend October 4, 2013, I have 3 step children, one girl and two boys. I'm very blessed and so happy where I am in life. It hasn't always been easy but definitely has made me stronger. Planning to have a child of my own.