Surrogacy, could you?

I've never really thought about it in terms of REALLY being a surrogate for anyone. I have had a complicated pregnancy in the past so I really wouldn't be interested.

I'm not even sure I could without my pregnancy history. I want to say I could be emotionally detached enough to not feel like the baby is mine but I know how hormones can play with the mind!

What about you, could you be a surrogate?

    4Santana Ferrell
    I have offered a friend to be her surrogate .
      I could if I were able but I can not as I can't get pregnant myself so I wouldn't qualify to be for someone else.

      I've had people offer to be a surrogate for me but I could never afford it, the costs are in the same range as IVF or Adoption. Even if they offered to do so for "free" I would still have to pay for the procedures and the medical care she incurs and all that would be out of pocket since our insurances would not cover it.
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