Grandparents rights, what are your thoughts?

I can see very few reasons why this should ever even be an issue. Parents have rights, children have rights but the grandparents are not part of the home (usually) and don't get rights to anyone in it.

The only caveat to me is in the case of death of one spouse. There should be some sort of agreement but I am not even comfortable saying this should be decided by the courts.

What are your feelings on grandparents rights?

    Hmmm... well, if God forbid something happened to both me AND the bf, we've already got people chosen to take over for us. Charlie's Godparents. The bf's parent's are very active, but are in their 70's and wouldn't be able to really step in.

    As far as rights? I'm not sure... I guess if I was in a coma or something and didn't leave a living will... and Charlie's dad tried to do something stupid, which he wouldn't.. then sure, my parent's should have a right to step in.
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