Birth story #1

I'm in a reminiscing frame of mind (posted about how I met my husband earlier), and here's another one. J's birth story.

It was about 2 weeks before my due date (I was 38 weeks and 2 days) and wasn't feeling well. Had gestational diabetes with my first preg (but not the others) and just couldn't wait for this pregnancy to be finished. Didn't help that it was July in New York City, and sweltering hot!!

One of my best friends, Anne, we spent the day with me that day and told me she was going to make me and my husband dinner. So we went shopping on a Sunday in Fairway. (Never do that!! No, seriously, if you live in NYC you must NEVER go grocery shopping on a Sunday. It is beyond madness.) Finally got all the ingredients, carried them back to my apartment and then she did most of the cooking. She made this absolutely delicious gazpacho soup for me, and made it nice and spicy, just how I like it. I kept joking to Anne that her spicy soup was going to give me heartburn that night.

Anyway, she left soon after and my husband came home, and we went to services together. At one point during services, we all stood up, and I felt this mini gush of liquid go down my leg. I was absolutely sure I had just peed in my pants and was MORTIFIED!! Without saying a word to anybody, I ran out of the room and into the washroom. My husband followed right after, asking if I was okay. In the washroom, I could smell the liquid, which was somewhat sweet smelling and not at all a pee smell. So at least I hadn't peed in the sanctuary! (Is amniotic fluid better?) Told my hubby what I thought was going on and we walked back to our apartment a few blocks away. There was a little trail of amniotic fluid following me all the way home - GAH!

On the way to the hospital (doc told me to go in), I had my first contraction. That's when it really sunk in to my husband, and he started turning in to one of those typically nervous fathers to be.It was quite hilarious - he didn't know what to do next - he was such a bundle of nerves!

From there, things moved reasonably quickly, at least for a first labour. I had a super nice nurse - still remember her name was Elizabeth! - and I wanted her to be the one who helped me deliver. She told me she was off shift at 7 am, so I had to be done by then! Got an epidural that was a bit of a disaster as it only numbed one half of my body. (Never have a baby in July when the residents are new!) The attending had to reinsert it. Awful! But other than that, things went smoothly. Started pushing at about 4:30 am, and Elizabeth was sure I'd be done on time. But after having behaved very nicely until then, J finally decided he wanted to stay put. I was pushing and pushing and nada, nothing. At 5:15 am, I said to my doctor: "I am NOT having a C-section after all this pushing. Find a way to get the baby out of me!" (I may have been feeling a bit frustrated at this point!!) She said, "OK, we'll stick with this for 15 more minutes, and then I will try the vacuum/suction." Well, little J must have heard that b/c that little man popped out within 2 minutes after she said that!

And, just like that, I was a mama! And I must say, although we make all our mistakes and learn to parent on our first child, there is absolutely nothing like the relationship you have with the child that made you a mother.

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    What a great story! One of these days I need to write out mine!
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