Sleep training.

Lucas is definitely in that stage where he stands up in his crib whenever we put him in there. He thinks it's hilarious and giggles his butt off every time haha. Although it's very cute, we have to stop him. If he's supposed to be sleeping, and he keeps standing, we simply retuck him in. Over and over until he understands that he's supposed to stay that way and fall asleep. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times, other times it takes 6 or 7. It's very annoying for mommy and daddy, but we have to remember, he's still learning. He's pretty good at it some nights and that's a good sign that he's slowly learning. We have a pretty set routine to get him in bed by midnight, but sometimes he just wants to play haha. Consistency is key. He'll get there!

How does your baby do going to sleep?

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