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My son is naturally good at sports, but doesn't love them... Does not want to play soccer or baseball.. and I can't complain... The idea of all day events... But there seems to be a thing with soccer moms that if I tell them he doesn't play soccer, they give a look...

I actually wrestled with it for a while.. I'm an athlete and grew up playing sports.. I played all of them until i was about 12 and really took to tennis and swimming and then those were my sports.. So, when my son wasn't DYING to play, I was sort of disappointed.. but now... he's such a good kid and writes books and swims well and loves karate that I've let it go ..

But there seems to be an attachment to boys and sports... I feel like maybe I should push him on it, but he's so happy and active regardless.

Any parents out there whose kids don't play team sports?​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Ours don't play team sports though we were sorely tempted to put our older two boys in football or soccer because of their energy. In the end, the expense coupled with the travel to and from practice and games just seemed to be too much.

    Our kids take piano lessons and those are right here in our home. With eight children I could never see spreading myself so thin and being out and about running hither and yon. We play sports here at home and work on the farm.
      Hubs and I have discussed what we're going to do if our kids DO play sports. I played in elementary school, but we're NERDS. We won't even know what to do with a sporty kid, lol, unless hubs wants to introduce him/her to forging or Nerf wars!
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