One More Baby???

NO! I'm kidding... I'm done... BUT, today a friend brought her 6 month old and I held her and played with her and smelled her and it reminded me of how much I loved that time and age.. and just their little legs and feet and giggle...

I'm more than done.. but I do get now how some families have teen kids ... and then a baby... that pull and draw to the just one more!!!!​

    8Theresa Gould
    Our kids haven't asked for awhile, since our miscarriage in June, but they'd all love another sibling. Babies are precious and what make the human race continue on. I think it's natural to be attracted to them. :)
      My husband has siblings who are almost as old as my parents who have kids that are only a few years of difference in age to me. The age differences in his family are staggering!
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