So, we just pureed some cantaloupe for Lucas and it was a hit!!! I LOVE the stuff and I'm so glad he does too. I am very picky with my fruits and veggies, but that is one that I will eat all day every day haha. I'm so glad he loves it too! We have something in common!!!! :D

What's a food you and your kid share a love for?

    Bananas...they are gone like the next day.
    And we have both passed down an obsession with pizza to T.
      Wow... never thought of pureeing cantaloupe! What a great idea! Glad he liked it!
        Haiden my oldest loves fruits and vegies. He even asks for them for snacks.
        Logan my middle he will prefer to eat meat more than fruits and veggies, but he still will eat them.
        Vince is a tad more picky than the other two. He ears green beans but he hates it mashed any veggie or fruit even. So i just cut it up small enough and he will so just fine
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