How do you stop people touching your baby?

Well, honestly, I give them dirty looks. I've always been told I have a very mean look if someone's doing something I don't approve of haha. I don't know, but it works. I'm overly protective of Lucas and if someone starts to reach for him I either take a few steps away or give them a warning look. There are a few people I know that are close to my family, that I simply do not approve of touching or holding him. I am usually the one holding Lucas when we're around those people and I simply take a few steps back or happen to need to do something in another room or give them the look. They know who they are too. If I don't like you or want you around my kids, you WILL know it.

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    Cassie... glad you are so assertive! i usually just hold onto the babe and pretend like i have something to do ...and avert the situation...I am not good with confrontation!
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