Once we become parents..

This article "hits home" on so many levels.. as a new Mom, it talks about how life changes once you become a parent.. how before you have kids, you judge the friends who have kids because they don't seem to have "time" anymore or things just change.. this funny article lists all the ways things change.. how we wish we could easily make time for friends, happy hours, evenings out again.. but how life as a parent just flips your world upside down.. (hint, it really does!) and how in a funny way.. singing the abc's, reading a book before bed or giving a nightly bath are the newest high points in your life :)

I love this article because I can already relate to just about every bullet point they state.. how your schedule shifts, how making outings look easy actually takes tons of work, how house chores consume your every free minute, how "me" time takes on a whole new meaning and how guilty you feel for wanting to spend every second with your little love bug.. because I want to.. all the time! I can relate to this.. I appreciate this article :)

Mamas.. do you finally find yourself relating to friends with kids whom you might have judged in the past? How do you keep friendships alive with kids now?


    This is such a great article! I can honestly say that my group of friends changed and i did hang out with more moms than those who were single. I do not think it was on purpose. it was just that more free time was spent with the children in mind then my needs.
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