How did you pick Godparents for your children?

Our thought process for choosing Godparents:

-Someone (someones) that are able to take on our child in the unfortunate chance something were to happen to us.
-Would prefer a couple (that knows both families).
-Someone (someones) that will raise our child following similar beliefs and values.
-Do not want to hurt anyone's feelings by not being chosen (siblings, close family, friends)

    We always picked someone from each family ... this way both sides are represented
      Alex and I chose our best friends to be our daughter's godparents... they have a son so I know that they are both good parents, they have the same general beliefs as us, and they already love our daughter and she's not even born yet. We're going to write up our wills after she's born to ensure that they get custody of her if something were to happen to us, we don't want either side of our family getting her.
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