Baby name: how did you find your child's name?

It was super easy for David and I to choose names! For his daughter they agreed on Abigail easily and he convinced her to have the middle name be Sonya. For our babies together we agreed on Lucas Holden, Aiden Jacob, Riley Emma and Anastasia Evelyn. We simply brainstormed names we liked and have always liked since we started thinking about kids and then started putting them together! We have Abigail Sonya and our Lucas Holden and are now hoping to get our Riley Emma!!! The other names are simply back ups haha. The last name for everyone is Noe which is pronounced like 'no.' :)

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Mommy of 1 and step-mommy of 1!!!! Abs is my step baby and I love her so much and Luke is my boy and the most amazing little man. I love my babies beyond words and I've never been happier! I work for an event company called Game Truck!