What are you thankful for?

Let's start a thankfulness list since it is Thanksgiving season, at least here in the U.S., plus it's just good practice to be grateful. It helps focus on the good and not the bad:

1. I am thankful for my family. Immediate (hubby and kids) and extended.
2. For God's provision during this time of unemployment and the ability to continue working from home.
3. Our health. With ten of us, that's huge.
4. Living our dream in the country and on a farm.
5. The freedom to homeschool. It's such a privilege to teach and witness how our children learn and have a bit more time with them before they are out on their own. My oldest has a year and a couple months before she's 18....they grow up so fast.

What are you thankful for?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I love your list Theresa.. you are a blessed lil lady :)

    Mine would be...

    1 Family.. I have the best around and don't know how I deserve them
    2 Our family's health.. cannot put a price tag on it.. very blessed we are all healthy
    3 A God who loves me
    4 A cozy home to live under.. delicious food whenever we like..
    5 A career I love and can make my own
    6 A growing lil bump :)

    I have so many more.. but didn't want to put anyone to sleep :)
      Great idea Theresa!
      I am thankful for:
      1. Jesus, God's provision for our salvation!
      2. My wonderful husband and kids!
      3. The opportunity to serve others by helping them become what they want to be.
      4. My church family.
      5. My all of my extended family.
        I am thankful for my health. I almost took the long sleep nap a few months back and I feel I was definitely blessed and witnessed a miracle so I am very thankful to be here!

        I am so thankful for my daughters continued good health and her heart keeping strong.

        My family & friends and all of you, my new friends.

        My wonderful boyfriend who is far away in Taiwan right now but we talk daily and hopefully together soon.

        Just thankful for what we have and our home :)
          I am thankful for health, for family, for community, for opportunity, novelty, and willpower. I am thankful for hope in dark corners, and strength to explore them. I am thankful for trust and connection, Godly love, a warm house, good food, and arts of all kinds.
            Amanda Hurley
            I am thankful first for my family, and a place to live. I am also thankful for this website. I found it when I needed it most. I also want to thank Val for joining. With her, I have found more families dealing with my baby's issues, which is reassuring to me that he will be ok. I am also thankful for a roof over our head and heat in our home, especially when so many families are on the street in the cold.
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